Jai Simha Hindi dubbed movie - Confirm updates


Jai Simha Hindi dubbed movie

Jai Simha Hindi dubbed movie - confirm update:- Jai simha is Telugu language action drama movie released in year 2018 staring NBK - Nandamuri Bala Krishna and Nayanthara in lead role. Here we have confirm update of its Hindi dubbed version.

Hindi dubbing rights of Jai Simha was sold out to Zee cinema and also Hindi dubbing of Jai Simha is now 100% completed at sound and vision India pvt. ltd. Hindi dub voice over of NBK is done by Samay Raj Thakkar sir. Movie may soon premier on Zee cinema and after television premier movie will release on Zee5.

Jai Simha Movie info:-

Jai Simha was directed by K.S. Ravikumar and was produced by C. Kalyaan. M. Ratnam has written story and dialogues of this movie. Movie was average hit at box office, with mixed reviews of critics and audience.


  1. NBK - Nandamuri Balakrishna
  2. Nayanthara
  3. Brahmanandam
  4. Prakash Raj
  5. Ashutosh Rana
  6. Haripriya
  7. Prabhakar Shivaji Raja and more.
Jai Simha Hindi Dubbed version is titled as JaySimha Hindi Dubbed version world television premiere is on Zee Cinema on 21st June.


The film begins with Narasimha bridging Karnataka, Kerala searching for harmony with his child and winds up in Tamil Nadu in the wake of finding the spots not appropriate for bringing up his child. In Kumbakonam, he visits the sanctuary on Radhasaptami day searching for an occupation. The minister is unexpectedly contacted by the child who grabs a discourse with Narasimha and it is finished by the sanctuary secretary Murali Krishna. The sanctuary secretary at that point offers an occupation to Narasimha at his home as a driver. There are around 12 laborers in the house alongside Narasimha, Santhanam and his better half. Then, the city boss Kariappan gets together with the ACP who is earnest yet degenerate and self-important. One day the secretary little girl Dhanya drives home taking medications and grabs the eye of Narasimha. The following day Kariappan and his men make an excitement clarifying that the vehicle that Dhanya drove the previous evening made a mishap and his sibling was the person in question and he is out for retaliation. Narasimha assumes the fault and gets thrashed which makes Dhanya succumb to him.

In the interim, focal pastor JP visits the sanctuary and put-down the central cleric , where the ACP raises a hand against him. This outcomes in a Brahmin unsettling, where they request an expression of remorse from the ACP. Narasimha enters the scene with the secretary and resolves it. This is broadcasted by media and is gone to by the primary scoundrel Thota Rami Reddy. In the interim, the ACP being mortified endeavors to make a quarrel among Kariappan and Narasimha by executing the last sibling. Kariappan realizing reality sends his men to bring the child of ACP, who is a carbon copy of Narasimha child. Thinking his own child is in danger, Narasimha releases his opposite side on the miscreants, safeguarding the infant, just to realize that ACP is the dad and Nayanthara is the mother. Following day Narasimha cautions Kariappan and being faced by Dhanya, uncovers his past.

Narasimha a vagrant is become friends with by Gauri at school, who is the girl of the school superintendent. He is suspended from school after he grabs a battle. He grows up and has his very own repairman shed alongside doing equity in the city. Alongside that, the affection among Gauri and Narasimha increments. At some point while passing the traffic, Narasimha experiences rami reddy child holding traffic for his MP situate. This outcomes in a demise of toiled lady and Narasimha show him a thing or two without enabling him to go to his selection. This outcomes in embarrassment by JP, who offers his little girls hand. Losing distinction, the child ends it all, which maddens Rami Reddy, who delivers retribution by pulverizing one of Narasimha's partners' Manga marriage.

Narasimha conveys him to equity and is given capital punishment by the judge. In the interim, Gauri powers Narasimha to wed him and converse with his dad, who remembers him and says that his ways wouldn't suit for his little girl's hand. Keeping in mind his lord, Narasimha penances his adoration. Be that as it may, Nayanthara pays attention to it and escapes and makes it to his shed to wed him subtly.

Understanding the entire circumstance, Narasimha returns to the shed by wedding Manga. The real contort in the story happens now, when Narasimha and the couple bring forth twins, with Manga dead in the wake of conceiving an offspring. On the opposite side, Gauri loses her child in pregnancy. Unfit to hear his lord torment, Narasimha penances one child to her and leaves with the other and winds up in Kumbakonam. Back at present, Rami Reddy discharged on safeguard joins with Kariappan to execute Narasimha. Hijacking the ACP couple baits Narasimha into the dockyard. Narasimha slams up everybody and slaughters Kariappan before hanging Rami Reddy. Be that as it may, amid a shootout, the ACP couple are twisted alongside their child. The specialists can spare the couple yet not the child as the projectile had hit the leader of the infant. Unfit to tolerate reality, by and by the ace regrets, which makes Narasimha give away the other child and leave with the dead infant carcass in his grasp, guaranteeing to the ace that he will be there at whatever point the couple is dependably in peril.

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