Dashing CM Bharath ( Bharat Ane nenu ) Hindi dubbed movie | World television premier | Today

Catch the blockbuster premier of Dashing CM Bharath.

Dashing CM Bharath

So, Today on 17th March 2019 the much awaited premier of Blockbuster Telugu movie ' Bharat ane nenu ' Hindi dubbed version will be premier on colors cineplex at 7:30 pm. The Hindi dubbed version of Bharat ane nenu was titled as ' Dashing CM Bharath '.

7-8 months ago what had happened to this movie is not hidden from any one, an YouTube channel or a company ( we don't know much about them ) unofficially leaked the Hindi dubbed version of Bharat ane nenu on YouTube. In that Hindi dubbed version Mahesh Babu was voice overed by voice over artist Mr. Sachin Gole, how ever that YouTube release was removed by Copyright claim by the original producers, but many movie downloading website owner in the mean time and published on their websites and audience downloaded the movie from there.

But this cause a massive hazard to the image a very good image of this movie, they had edited the movie by their own and had failed to add BGM to the movie, that is why people didn't liked Bharat Ane nenu. After few months movie was released by the original producers in theater with a new voice over by Vallabh sir. And this time the movie was titled as Dashing CM Bharath. But the theater release did't get too many reaches. So people were eagerly waiting for the Hindi dubbed version Television or YouTube premier.

So today finally, the Hindi dubbed version of Bharat ane nenu which was titled as Dashing CM Bharath will be premiered on Colors Cineplex and Colors cineplex HD. But their may be a YouTube Premier on PEN Movies after few months. So don't miss the television premier.